About me

By looking at my photos, you will know more about me than what I can write here. All my life I have been inspired by nature, from rocks to flowers to animals. This attraction brought me to the point where I made a degree in physical geography. I also worked several years in the forest environment, and forests interested me to the extent that I made a Ph.D. on insect outbreaks.

In photography, this sensitivity to nature shifted with time to people and human features. I still like to photograph landscapes and nature, but my preferences go now to people, as in candid portraits or in artist work in a studio. I feel that the human body has more to say than a landscape and a portrait expresses more than a flower. From landscape I have moved toward cityscape and bodyscape. I enjoy intimate photography as it gives us a better reading of the soul of the subject in the photo. My next step is editorial photography, which I am now pursuing. 

About Photography

Photography is the most common art form maybe after writing, but it is not because you write well that it makes you a writer, and it is not because you take good photos that you are a photographer. In a sense, the reader makes the writer and the viewer makes the photographer. Yes, photography is much more than pushing a button. Photography is mainly framing something or somebody and adding light effects, colour and tone features, composition and structure to the image that appears in the aperture of the lens. The subject will appear during one second, or less and you have that time to capture the image that will reflect your idea of that moment.  This image will talk to the viewer, and the feeling they have, will make your photo a great capture or just a good shot.

Photography is the art of the instant, the art of the “snapshot”, the capture that you get in one moment, even in front of a landscape where the colour, light and clouds change so fast, or in a studio where the synchronization of all the elements is so hard to bring together. Also, photography is the art of people, the “democratic art”. More and more people take their camera or Iphone and capture great photos. It is amazing how photography is changing the world because it brings information in one instant from all around the world. But, photography is more and more the art of the ephemeral. Million of photos appear on the internet every day, making the life of a photograph shorter and shorter; with each new photo posted, it buries the one before it within minutes.

Last Word

Knowing that you have stopped on my website, looked at my photos and appreciated them for a few seconds, is a reward in itself. From here, it is all a question of artistic expression and artistic feeling. I am not the one to tell you I am making fine art, but it is you to tell me if you like what you see.


Copyright @ 2012 Jyves

Ottawa, Canada